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#1 Anniversary model - 160 years ANSCHÜTZ

On the occasion of 160 year anniversary, ANSCHÜTZ manufactures 160 models
of an exclusive and strictly limited anniversary edition.

The exclusive anniversary models are made in excellent gunsmith quality with love and care for details and first class precision. The first of July is the foundation date of the ANSCHÜTZ company. and will be the date for presenting our first anniversary model. The following models will be presented every month until IWA Show 2017.

Ever since their foundation 160 years ago, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection.
The ANSCHÜTZ family stand for this with their name.

The strictly limited anniversary edition is put together with 8 different models of 20 units each.
The 8 anniversary models are manufactured with following serial numbers:

The Model 54.30 TITANIUM

The ANSCHÜTZ small bore target barreled action 54.30 is the further development of the legendary ANSCHÜTZ barreled action Match 54. The small bore action 54.30 unites new ideas and requirements of modern sports shooting. Longtime tested and approved components were linked with an improved ergonomic. The back located loading platform was reduced by 18 % which raises the stability of the action and offers a more ergonomic loading when in position. The 30 mm shorter bolt and the action of the barreled action result in a higher ergonomic as well as a reduced shot development time. The further developed target chamber in combination with the precision barrel mounted into the action guarantees highest precision. The complete construction is highly robust and easy to maintain.

Titanium is a very important component in regard to the production of technical items which require a light weight and high level of strain. Therefore it is applied often in aviation, space travel, naval architecture, nuclear technology and plant construction. This metal is also used in lens frames, watches and jewelry. It is high-strength, vibration-free and absolutely eudermic.

Pure titanium is rarely found in the ground and has to be extracted in a complex process from iron ore. The extraction and machining process is very costly therefore pure titanium is 35 times more expensive than ferrous alloy and 200 times more expensive than crude steel. In our case a titanium block of 33 kg has to be processed for more than 30 hours on a special machine in order to extract a single anniversary stock of 1.5 kg. During this working process more than 90 % of the titanium block is being cut.

The extraordinary high-grade characteristics of titanium are perfect for our anniversary models, therefore we used this exclusive material for your strictly limited Anschütz 1918 Precise stock.

The anniversary model with the robust titanium stock and accessories weighs
6,85 kg.

Your anniversary model

The ANSCHÜTZ anniversary models are available over all ANSCHÜTZ dealer.
Please find here an overview to the ANSCHÜTZ dealers.


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