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1   Does ANSCHÜTZ give information on the production year of firearms? Read Answer
2   What is the difference between the two actions Match 54 and Match 64? Read Answer
3   Is it possible to dryfire rim fire rifles? Read Answer
4   Does using high speed .22 l.r. ammunition influence the servicelife of a barrel? Read Answer
5   At what distances are ANSCHÜTZ products test fired? Read Answer
6   The serial number of my old rifle is fixed on the barrel not on the reciever. Is this correct? Read Answer
7   Is it possible to generally clean small bore rifles with a brush instead of with patches? Read Answer
8   Which ammunition is used to shoot the group in the manual? Read Answer
9   What torque do you recommend for the stock screws for the 1517 Benchrest? Read Answer
10   Does the 1700 series will fit in a Match 54 stock from a 1900 series, or if a 1900 series can be fit into a 1710 or 1712 stock? Read Answer

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