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#5 Anniversary model - 160 years ANSCHÜTZ

On the occasion of 160 year anniversary, ANSCHÜTZ manufactures 160 models
of an exclusive and strictly limited anniversary edition.

The exclusive anniversary models are made in excellent gunsmith quality with love and care for details and first class precision. The first of July is the foundation date of the ANSCHÜTZ company and will be the date for presenting our first anniversary model. The following models will be presented every month until IWA Show 2017.

Ever since their foundation 160 years ago, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection.
The ANSCHÜTZ family stand for this with their name.

The strictly limited anniversary edition is put together with 8 different models of 20 units each.
The 8 anniversary models are manufactured with following serial numbers:

The model 9015 RED - Caliber 4,5 mm

The ANSCHÜTZ 9015 air rifle barrelled action is the further development of the successful 9003 Premium barreled action. The 9015 air rifle barreled action combines new ideas with technology that has been tried and tested over many years. In addition to having optimised air pressure control characteristics, an even shorter locktime and a new, modern appearance, the action has been fitted with a new target two stage trigger that can be set in many different ways. The patented 5065 4K trigger cuts an impressive figure due to its unpreceden-
ted and extremely short trigger time. The patented axial ball bearings of the trigger lever guarantee completely play-free support of the trigger blade. The harmonic, even-running first stage travel and the clear contrast when achieving the two stage gives the shooter precise contact with the shot.

The special features of the 9015 RED model
• Red anodised ANSCHÜTZ PRECISE stock. 
• ANSCHÜTZ target anniversary logo.
• Action head colored in black.
• New PRECISE Rear sight colored in black.

Aluminum is available in nearly every part of the world, can be put to
versatile use and cuts an impressive figure due to its excellent properties.
These special features are perfect for manufacturing rifle stocks of the
highest quality, durability and resistance, among other things.

Aluminum is extracted from the raw material bauxite. Bauxite, which can be found in clay-like soil, is washed out by means of a laborious process and then refined together with aluminum oxide, carbon and electricity to create aluminum. Liquid aluminum is poured into moulds and cures. Large, solid aluminum ingots, which can be further processed to make a wide range of products, are created.

These ingots are used to make the Precise anniversary stock using a highly complex process. Approximately 90% of
the aluminum ingot is machined during this manufacturing and machining process. During the ongoing manufacturing process, this stock is anodised in a vibrant and rich red, rounded off and refined to turn your anniversary stock into
an eye-catcher on any shooting range.

Your anniversary model

The ANSCHÜTZ anniversary models are available over all ANSCHÜTZ dealer.
Please find here an overview to the ANSCHÜTZ dealers.


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