Butt Plates
Aluminum butt plate 4759 (001127)
Aluminum butt plate 4759
Aluminum butt plate 4759
For many shooters the radius at the butt plate is too large. The result is that the butt plate does not fit the shoulder correctly. The butt plate models 4759 offer a solution for this problem. The variable adjustment of shoulder width and tilting range allow a perfect fit. The aluminum butt plate can be screwed on directly to all stocks with straight stock ends.

  • Light, extra strong aluminum design.
  • Easy adjustments.
  • Angle adjustments directly at the butt plate and therefore no angle faults.
  • Variable and individual adjustments.
  • Easy handling of adjustment elements.
  • Scales for reproducing adjustments quickly.
  • Model 4759 disposes of no-slip profile in the shoulder area.
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable, can be tilted.
  • Upper wing angle directly adjustable from the front via new clam ping.
  • Adjustable shoulder width.
  • Variable length adjustment by column guide 4759-2000 and stop nut.
Including fixing elements.

Technical Data:

Adjustable (mm):60 mm
Weight (g):225 g
Item No.:001127

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