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PRECISE Rear sight, black (014421)
PRECISE Rear sight, black
Advantages of the PRECISE rear sight:
  • Compact construction offers free view over the rear sight for a better observation of wind vanes.
  • High-precision base body crafted from hardened rust-free stainless steel.
  • Black body made from high-grade and light aluminum. Unique and versatile adjustment possibilities.
  • Slip-proof turning knobs with easy access.
  • 24 click (0.02 mm per click) correspond to 0.2 mm shifting of the hitting point on a 10 m distance, 1.0 mm on a 50 m distance and 2.0 mm on 100 m distance.
  • Smooth and tight fit of the ball bearings provide precise accuracy per click.
  • State-of-the-art design in blue or black with clear scales.
Please find here the PRECISE Rear sight in blue.

With the new PRECISE rear sight, the side and height adjustment occurs on an axis which is a big advantage in prone shooting because the shooter need not change the grip but can stay in position.

Please find here the flyer to the new PRECISE rear sight for free.

Technical Data:

Item No.:014421

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