Barrel Extension
Sound Moderator Mod. Overbarrel - .30 Caliber (014570)
Sound Moderator Mod. Overbarrel - .30 Caliber
The new ANSCHÜTZ Overbarrel high-performance sound moderator impresses with outstanding damping performance and excellent reduction of recoil. The sound moderator and the one-piece inner life (Monocore) was developed by elaborate procedures and in close cooperation with hunters. Due to the monocore in the form of a double helix, the damping of the muzzle blast takes place in two separate chambers within the sound moderator. To keep the length of your hunting weapon with the screwed-on sound moderator as short as possible, 2.3 inch of the total length of the sound moderator is fitted over the barrel. As a result, your weapon with a screwed sound moderator is extended by only 7.3 inch. The components are milled our from high strength materials and produce a solid and robust overall design, and combine low weight and volume with maximum stability. The simple design of the sound moderator allows easy handling and maintenance.

Damping Performance: approx. 34 db

Technical Data:

External diameter (mm):50
Length (mm):245
Weight (g):420
Caliber:.30 Caliber
Item No.:014570

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