1727 F Sectional Model
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wos.= Without Sights
D= Single Stage Trigger
E= Single Loader
G= Barrel Thread
HB= Heavy Barrel
KL= Folding Leaf Sight
FL= Fast Acquisition sight
L= Left Hand Version
MP= Multi Purpose
R= Repeater
Silh= Silhouette
ST= Double Set Trigger

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Model 1727 F Sectional Model

The world-famous ANSCHÜTZ straight pull action fitted to our biathlon rifles, and which has dominated national and international competitions for decades, is also available for hunting applications. As a result of high levels of demand for our model Modell 1727 F and the multitude of questions about the method of operation of probably the fastest straight pull action repeater rifle in the world, ANSCHÜTZ has decided to produce a fully-functional sectional model. This sectional model demonstrates the method of operation of the ANSCHÜTZ straight pull action repeater rifle in an impressive way. The entire shooting process, starting with setting and releasing the safety, via feeding the cartridge, locking the bolt, and the dry-firing, up to ejecting the cartridge can be demonstrated using this sectional model.

Not only for this reason, the sectional model represents a major enhancement for hunting schools, gunsmiths, training establishments and for all those with an interest in technology.

  • Fully-functional representational model.
  • Not considered to be a firearm with regard to the firearms law and it does not
    need to be stored in gun cabinet
    (according to the German gun law.
    For your country, please check your gun laws).

  • Ideal for hunting schools, gunsmiths, training establishments and those with an interest in technology.
  • Demonstrates the unique ANSCHÜTZ straight pull action.

Here you can download an information Flyer about the 1727 F Sectional Model.

Please find here the hunting rifle model 1727 F.

Item No.: 013681
Technical Data
Name:1727 F Sectional Model
Item No.:013681
Total length (cm)104
Weight approx. (kg):3.3
Item No.:001209
Type:Two stage trigger
Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm):23.5
min. Trigger weight (g):90
max. Trigger weight (g):650
Trigger weight, adjusted (g):550
Barreled Action
Name:Fortner Straight pull repeater
Barrel:ANSCHÜTZ Precision barrel
Caliber:.17 HMR
Rifling (cm):56
Rifling length (mm):228
Number of grooves:6
Muzzle diameter (mm):16
Magazine capacity:4
Barrel length (cm):56
Name:German stock with German cheek piece and light German style stock
Butt plate:Rubber butt plate
min. Length of pull (cm):36
max. Length of pull (cm):36
Total length (cm)77.5

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