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1827 F BIONIC - World class in a different league


Demands on a Biathlon rifle are exorbitant: It has to be fast, precise, light and robust
but insensitive to ultra-low temperatures. All on a world-class level.

This can only succeed if three components work together: Experience, vision and feedback.

Experience. Like no other name, ANSCHÜTZ stands for progress in Biathlon –
more than 95 % of all athletes put their faith in ANSCHÜTZ.

Vision. High-tech extends the limits of what is feasible. Lattice-structures in the grips revolutionise handling.
The granulate used in the 3D printing is lighter, more robust and performs better in tensile and fracture tests.
Invisible and very strong magnets integrated in the BIONIC stock hold the magazines absolutely securely.

Feedback. The impressions of the athletes and coaches are the inspiration for new experiments.

Experiments become experience.


Economical in weight and components - extremely light and focused on the essentials.

Versatile in appearance: The bionic stock is available in every RAL colour (colour-accurate)!
The BIONIC stock, produced by 3-D printing can be laquered in over 200 colours -
for your individual tone.

As if cast from a single mould.


Almost 50 years lie between the two photos – and the proof of how much ANSCHÜTZ has shaped the Biathlon, indeed decisively shaped it. Essential components of today‘s competition rules stem from Dieter Anschütz: The change from big- to small bore calibers opened up the sport to the general public; more than 95 percent of the athletes worldwide shoot with ANSCHÜTZ rifles. Significant impulses originate from the creative hotbed of ANSCHÜTZ.

Today we are once again on the verge of a technological leap.
In cooperation with the umlaut company, 3D printed stocks
are being produced which can be adapted to the individual
athlete and are close to make-to-order-production. The lattice-
structure reduces the weight of the grip and support without any
loss of strength of the barrelled action. The bedding is based on
a sophisticated milled groove which is coated with synthetic resin.

Each rifle is tested in the cold chamber. Biathlon takes place at temperatures as low as -20 °C – an absolute acid test for the
material and a guarantee for athletes that everything will work
in competition as it should do. In every situation.


in the 1827 F BIONIC brochure, which you can download here for free,

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