Single stage trigger 5781 D (013697)
Single stage trigger 5781 D
ANSCH√úTZ Match Two-Stage Triggers and Single-Stage Triggers have always set the standard in quality, reliability and precision. The crisp 5781 Trigger (single-stage trigger) which breaks like glass, can also be set to two-stage as an option. The trigger blade can be adjusted in length by 0.59" to accommodate varying hand sizes or when wearing gloves. This trigger will win over even the most ardent fans of double set triggers. The lightweight, hardened and finely lapped trigger components allow the trigger to be released unbelievably quickly and cleanly. All metallic parts are protected from rust by a special ANSCH√úTZ nitriding process which also increases the surface hardness and noticeably improves the sliding processes while reducing wear.

Firing pin safety:

The sliding safety catch on the right hand side secures the firing pin by turning the safety shaft and blocking the trigger sear. The trigger is then free to move. The integrated bolt lock reliably prevents unintentional opening of the bolt when the rifle is being transported. The ergonomic safety catch can be easily and silently operated in any situation.

Technical Data:

Type:Single stage trigger 5781 D
Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm):13
Color of the trigger shoe:Gold
Safety:Firing pin safety
Trigger weight, adjusted (g):1200
Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm):800 - 1400
Optional adjustable to two-stage:yes
Optional adjustable to single-stage:yes
Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm):1000 - 1400
Item No.:013697


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