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#8 Anniversary model - 160 years ANSCHÜTZ

On the occasion of 160 year anniversary, ANSCHÜTZ manufactures 160 models
of an exclusive and strictly limited anniversary edition.

The exclusive anniversary models are made in excellent gunsmith quality with love and care for details and first class precision. The first of July is the foundation date of the ANSCHÜTZ company and will be the date for presenting our first anniversary model. The following models will be presented every month until IWA Show 2017.

Ever since their foundation 160 years ago, ANSCHÜTZ stands for innovation and perfection.
The ANSCHÜTZ family stand for this with their name.

The strictly limited anniversary edition is put together with 8 different models of 20 units each.
The 8 anniversary models are manufactured with following serial numbers:

The model 1727F VARMINT - Caliber .17 HMR

The 10000-times proven Biathlon straight pull action has been setting standards for biathlon sports for decades. This successful and unique straight pull action was interpreted in the model 1727F for hunting and adapted to the harsh hunting requirements.The barreled action with repeating device is equipped with a match two-stage trigger and allows an extraordinary fast repeating with just one movement of the wrist. As a result, the elbow no longer has to be moved and allows the shooter to have a very high accuracy. The straight pull repeater action can easily be operated with the index finger to open it for reloading. The action is closed again with the thumb. Because of this, the shooter thus only needs little time for focussing - important seconds for your hunting success!

The special features of the 1727F VARMINT model
• Oiled Anniversary stock with German cheek piece and light German sytle stock, Schnabel fore-end tip,
  non-slip checkering an the pistol grip and forend with borders, heartwood wood class 4.
• Uniquely fluted, matt blued18" precision barrel including 1/2“-28 UNEF muzzle threading for attaching a
  sound moderator or a muzzle brake.
• Custom machined black anodised aluminum magazine base with anniversary logo and an additional spare magazine.


Walnut is a highly coveted precious wood, which is used for the production of the most varied luxury goods. For passionate shooters and hunters, walnut oil is the top choice as regards both the quality and aesthetics of the wood. Various parts of the walnut tree are used, both the trunk and its roots.

The solid walnut wood chosen specially for our anniversary model comes from trees from Caucasus that were planted more than 100 years for the harvesting of walnuts. Only on felling these trees, which had grown over decades, does the individual and unique texture come to the fore, which has developed over the growth phases of the tree.

The closer one gets to the tree's root the stronger the texture of the wood;
the older the tree, the longer it lived, the more interesting and striking it is.

For high-quality furniture or decorations, low-cost walnut veneer is often used. This is not possible for rifle stocks.
Here, solid full wood is used, as far higher demands are placed on rifle stocks.

The mostly dark and often fine patterned wood gives your anniversary model a special sort of life with its elegant appearance and is delightfully contrast to the coldness of the metal. Every stock is a unique piece, which does not exist twice and is very robust and has great longevity if looked after accordingly.

Your anniversary model

The ANSCHÜTZ anniversary models are available over all ANSCHÜTZ dealer.
Please find here an overview to the ANSCHÜTZ dealers.


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