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Model 1761

1761 - The first shot

You pick it up, and at once you feel:
This small-bore rifle is something else!

At this moment, you probably won't think immediately about the gunsmith in his studio and about the time spent in polishing metal components; maybe you don't know anything about the care with which the technician lapped and honed the barrel, but the matte surface, the perfectly soft gliding head of the bolt, and the close connection of the stock and framework formed by the hidden thrust bearing will captivate you.

You will likely not even feel the small bearing, the four millimetres of steel support in the interior of the bolt, in which the three-lug locking mechanism ensures a self-centring closure in the action, but you will certainly notice the smooth repeating speed of the 1761.

The way you become one with the 1761 will trigger a smile: My rifle!
You won’t want to put it down.

Model variations

1761 Thumbhole stock
The complex made simple – precision in perfection

The thumbhole stock. The eye-catcher when it comes to optical and functional advantages. Light walnut, oiled; the trigger finger is free to act without being burdened. The milled recesses lend the 1761 a futuristic look, which will maintain its good appearance for many years to come!

1761 Classic;

The well balanced and ambidextrous lacquered walnut stock. Looks traditional – looks good. For the right-handed shooter, for the left-handed shooter. Straight-forward, effective, low in vibration, well-balanced. Laser-cut, weather-resistant checkering for optimal grip. Shock-absorbing, non-slip butt plate.

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FEATURES - precision, quality and functionality

  • The foundation of our high precision rests on the barreled action design. Geometry inspired by our
    target rifles, with a high degree of stiffness, a flat supporting surface and an integrated recoil lug.
  • The precision action is manufactured by highly demanding production processes and with
    gunsmiths expertise.
  • In the action integrated well engineered ejector can be changed very easily.
  • The luminous matte surface lends the model 1761 a timeless appearance, which will continue to look excellent even for many years to come.


  • The small bearing reduces the force
    needed to open and to close the bolt.
    Fast and easy repeats are possible.
  • Symmetrically arranged three-lug locking
    mechanism for the highest safety and
    phenomenal precision.
  • Simple disassembly for care and cleaning.
  • The high-quality and resistant QPQ coating
    ensures additional sliding capacity, resistance
    to wear, and corrosion protection, and thus is
    perfect for use in hunting and for harsh weather

  • Adjustable ANSCHÜTZ single stage trigger 5061.
    set at the factory to 1,000 g,
    adjustable from 800 - 1,200 g
  • Ergonomic and silent activating
    positive safety.
  • The light weight, hardened and finely
    lapped trigger parts allow for fast
    and clean release.

  • Single-stack,5-shot magazine
    with stainless steel housing.
  • Optimized magazine handling thanks to the release lever integrated into the trigger and the extended magazine base plate.
  • High-strength magazine base plate made of weather-resistant polymer.

  • Two basic versions.
  • 18" (457 mm) with barrel thread ½"-20 UNF,
  • 20.3" (515 mm) without barrel thread
  • If you would like to change the caliber, the barrel can be easily altered by a qualified gunsmith.
  • Thanks to its two tenon locking clamps,
    the barrel clamping allows for the barrel
    to be re-inserted with perfect precision -
    every time.

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