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Welcome US Sporters Customers!

The ANSCHUTZ Sporters website has been incorporated into our overall ANSCHÜTZ website. The domaine www.anschutz will now lead you to our main internet page. This entails a lot of advantages for our US Sporters customers. They now have all information around ANSCHÜTZ on one internet page. In order to find the most common Sporter features quickly we would like to give our US customers a short guideline.

  • Our representative and responsible for ANSCHÜTZ Sporters in the US is Merkel USA, Inc.  Please contact Merkel for everything in connection with our Sporter products, information or catalogue requests. To contact Merkel, please choose "Sporter Products USA" at "Your Contact". To order a Sporters Catalog please fill in the  Catalog Request form.
  • You will find the current ANSCHÜTZ Sporters Catalog on our Catalog page for downloading. Please note that the 2008 Catalog will also be valid for 2009.
  • You will find all information on our Sporter products in our database.

  • We established a large pool referring  Frequently Asked Questions. Choose here which category you are interested in. You will find the most frequently asked questions around our Sporters here.
  • If you are interested in an age research of a rifle, please read the following  information.

In addition you will find everything connected with ANSCHÜTZ - from our target line up to multimedia features and safety information. Just take a look at our large offer.


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