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New Machine CHIRON MILL 800

After the grinding centre S 22 E Turbo from Michael Deckel ANSCHÜTZ now invested into a further fully automatic high-tech machine. With the CHIRON MILL 800 ANSCHÜTZ now has a highly flexible work station with large traverse paths and a high milling performance for working small and medium quantities of work pieces completely.

The multi-functional milling centre MILL 800 is equipped with an NC swivel head assembly, an NC sledge with work piece turner as well as a powerful lathing device. The CNC multi-functional machine controlled by seven axis offers best conditions for a highly precise 6 side complete working process on complex work pieces off the rack.

Apart from the three machine axis X, Y and Z the MILL 800 offers a solid NC swivel head as fourth NC axis. The swivel head is variably and horizontally turnable by +/- 100° over the X axis. A 90° turn only lasts 0.5 seconds. A water-cooled and thermally stable motor spindle with large torques guarantees an economic use of modern high performance tools.

Parts of the further technical equipment of this machine is a tool magazine with 92 places, a 70 bar high pressure pump for internal cooling of the tools with central coolant supply, a 5-axis simultaneous work station as well a turning axis allowing 100 mm materials. Ready parts are taken and positioned by a robot.

ANSCHÜTZ profits from this high performance machine in many ways. Parts which up to now have been made on several machines are now completely worked on this machine. Thus manufacturing times and work hours, for example when manufacturing a rectangular chamber, are considerably reduced. With this machine ANSCHÜTZ is able to efficiently manufacture the exigent components of the own product range as well as offering this special manufacturing service for other companies with similar requirements. This is a further step into establishing modern manufacturing processes.


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