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ANSCHÜTZ launches two new rifle versions for benchrest shooting. With the repeaters 64 Sporter Benchrest and 1517 Sporter Benchrest ANSCHÜTZ now offers the friends of benchrest shooting two light rifles with utmost ANSCHÜTZ accuracy. The model 64 Sporter Benchrest is delivered in the cal. .22 l.r. with a 5-shot magazine, the model 1517 Sporter Benchrest is delivered in the cal. .17 HMR with a 4-shot magazine. In the case of the 64 Sporter Benchrest it is also possible with the help of a single shot adapter to also use the rifle as a single loader as well.
Both rifles are equipped with the rubber butt plate 4709 A. The backend, however, is prepared to attach the variably adjustable butt plate carrier with tilting column guide. In order to save weight and thus make the rifles suitable for the lower weight disciplines the flat forend was millcut on the bedding side. The ones who intend to use the rifles for the high weight disciplines are free, however, to use additional weights in these millcuts. The additional weights can also be used there to adjust the rifles to the individual balance preferences of the shooter.
To increase accuracy the target crown was subjected to a special treatment to reach perfect target groups. The rifles are equipped with a heavy barrel ANSCHÜTZ target barrel and fulfil all accuracy requirements. The receiver is drilled and tapped to take scope mounts for a telescopic sight.
Due to its versatile possibilities for additions and modifications these two models are extraordinarily suitable to be used for benchrest shooting and in addition are available at a very favourable price.
Both rifles are available at your local dealer from February 2008. Please find further information in the internet at and at

Our ANSCHÜTZ Champions have a new layout. In addition to reports on events and shooters we now also offer you interesting links to the referring topic. Just take a look at our new ANSCHÜTZ Champions.

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