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End of an Era

Dieter Anschütz, president of the J.G. ANSCHÜTZ GmbH & Co. KG will retire on March 31, 2008. Sole president of the hunting and target rifle manufacturers in Ulm/Germany will now be his son Jochen Anschütz.

Dieter Anschütz was familiar with the gunsmithing business from an early age. The company was founded by Julius Gottfried Anschütz in 1856 and located in the Thuringian city of Zella-Mehlis until 1945. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder and the following generations made the small gunsmith shop grow to become one of the leading companies in Europe for rifle and pistol manufacturing. World War II put a sudden end to this story of success. Parts of the ANSCHÜTZ family, among them Dieter Anschütz, were evacuated to the west part of Germany after the war while the company’s possessions were expropriated and dismantled. The re-establishment of the company in Ulm after the war was due to the brothers Max and Rudolf Anschütz. They proved to be veritable successors of their grandfather who founded and developed the ANSCHÜTZ company. The management of the company remains as then, a family affair. In 1968 Max Anschütz entrusted his son Dieter with the general management. Especially Dieter’s efforts in target shooting and biathlon made ANSCHÜTZ a brand that enjoys utmost reputation among target shooters, biathletes and hunters worldwide.
Since 1992 Dieter Anschütz has been supported in the general management by his son Jochen, who now will lead the company as sole president. The know-how thus remains in family hands. The company’s philosophy and family tradition of utmost support and personal efforts for target shooting will thus be the basis for the successful development of the company also in the future.


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