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Thank you for your participation

Dear Participant in our Internet Customer Survey 2009,

We would like to thank you very much for participating in our customer survey 2009.

Mr. Ehrenfried Heyer is just one winner whom we would like to congratulate very much as winner of a 9003 Premium S2. However, we would like to express our respect and thanks to anyone who took the time to fill in our questionnaire and let us have the many precious comments and remarks.

With your participation you directly influence the development of our products and help us in our efforts to adapt the wishes of the shooters as much as possible to our production capacities to create the best possible product for you.

Apart from the many improvement ideas we also would like to thank you for the many remarks on your satisfaction, which show us that it is worth while listening intensely to the shooters' wishes.

We will use the information we received to continue manufacturing products on the utmost technological level.

Thank you very much and best regards,


Jochen Anschütz


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