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The caliber .17 HMR becomes more and more popular

The caliber .17 HMR becomes more and more popular.

The caliber .17 HMR is the fastest rimfire cartridge ever. The Hornady cartridge reaches a vo of 777 m/s and has an Eo of 333 Joule. This cartridge is by 25 % faster than a common .22 WMR. At 200 m the cartridge has more energy at the muzzle than a small bore cartridge. In addition it is 10 m/s faster than the .22 Hornet. At a distance of 100 m the velocity still is 699 m/s and the energy is 269 Joule. Furthermore this calibre has an excellent precision. At 100 m groups of 1 cm are reached with this cartridge, at 200 m it is 3 – 5 cm. The GEE is 151 m, at 200 m the cartridge only falls about 11.7 cm. The cartridge also is non-sensitive with respect to wind. The wind drift is only 6.7 cm on 100 m at a side-wind of 5 m/s. The cartridge is equipped with a Hornady V max bullet, which has a plastic tip and deforms easily.

ANSCHÜTZ has a number of precise rifles for the cal. .17 HMR on the market. The models are based on the renowned Match 54 and Match 64 cylinder actions with cam cocking system. The cartridge head is set off. Workmanship and shooting performance are of typical ANSCHÜTZ quality. Action and trigger work smoothly and reliably.

The caliber .17 HMR and the ANSCHÜTZ models offered for it are an ideal combination. Due to the low noise and the high vo these firearms together with this caliber are very suitable to hunt small game around the yard or in the vicinity of inhabited areas. They are especially suitable for the fox hunt.

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