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IWA 2012 in Nuremberg

IWA 2012 in Nuremberg

After 4 days of IWA from March 9th till 12th, 2012, ANSCHÜTZ once more came to a quite positive conclusion: 1204 exhibitioners and approx. 36000 visitors from more than 100 countries came to the 39th IWA 2012 & Outdoor Classics.
For ANSCHÜTZ, the main focus this year were big bore rifles of the 1780 series, which were presented in various calibers and with the new SOFT-Grip stocks.

The ANSCHÜTZ SOFT-Grip-stocks combine the outstanding, vibration damping and recoil absorbing characteristics of a naturally grown wooden stock with the characters of an easy-care and weatherproof plastic stock. The ANSCHÜTZ SOFT-Grip-stocks emphasize their strength especially in rainy weather as then they develop a maximum grip.

Model 1780 D FL SOFT-Grip Wood Orange German stock
(Download: Please find here our .pdf flyer)

Modell 1780 D FL SOFT-Grip Wood Green Classic
(Download: Please find here our .pdf flyer)

You will also find the same SOFT-Grip coating on our air rifle IWA-special edition Mod. 8002 S2 BLACK AIR.

(Download: Please find here our .pdf Flyer)

We also had an engraver on our ANSCHÜTZ-booth and visitors had the opportunity to observe the filigree work of this fine artist. Additionally to many various models ANSCHÜTZ offers precious engraving and beautification, no matter if oak leaves, arabesques, gold inlays, engravings, signatures or animal motives – everything is possible. Of course individual stock work and carving is also obtainable. Please find here our .pdf flyer.

Another highlight was the ANSCHÜTZ precision semi-automatic MSR RX 22 in six different stock models. This semi-automatic rifle in cal. .22 l.r. can be used for dynamic disciplines as well as precision shooting. More information here

All new ANSCHÜTZ catalogues can be downloaded from our website for hunting, biathlon, match and MSR.

We are looking forward to IWA 2013 (celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2013) and meeting our specialist dealers from all over the world again.

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