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Successful shooting event in Sögel

Successful shooting event in Sögel, Germany
An ANSCHÜTZ hunting event was held on 3rd. August 2012 in Sögel, Germany. The ambitious and experienced huntsmen were shown the current products from ANSCHÜTZ and their advantages and usability were demonstrated. In particular, the big bore caliber repeaters of the model 1780 D with thumbhole stock attracted a lot of attention. After the initial gentle trials with the new repeating rifle, especially the model 1780 D FL with thumbhole stock in calibre 9.3x62, quickly created enthusiasm with its advantages, such as the relaxed and tension-free shooting position, the positive guiding in the hand in the trigger position and the comfortable stock support for the trigger finger. This ensured that rapid and precise shooting was the order of the day and the overall concept of the firearm, with its calibre, new thumbhole stock and individually adjustable trigger soon generated enthusiasm in the sophisticated and critical huntsmen.

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The model 1780 D FL Classic in driven hunting calibre 8x57 IS also proved attractive with its outstanding handling characteristics, without garish bells and whistles, the standard fast acquisition sight and its equally excellent shooting performance.

The enthusism of the attending huntsmen and marksmen showed us once again that the products from ANSCHÜTZ and the transfer of knowledge, prowess and precision from the sport shooting sector have also found a successful application in hunting, and this will be evident even stronger in the future.

This has been experienced by the marksmen at the games in London who have put their trust in the quality and prowess of our products. Our marksmen were not only able to win medals, but they were also able to set new records. Visit our Website for more information.

Let’s send our heartfelt congratulations to our marksmen right here


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