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Dieter Anschütz: A living legend celebrates his birthday

Dieter Anschütz, the longtime president of the world-famous and renowned manufacturer of hunting and sporting guns Anschütz, celebrated his 85th birthday on April 22nd, 2015. Among his family his great day was celebrated worthily.

Dieter Anschütz knows how to celebrate and took the occasion of this 85th birthday to revel amongst his family. The longtime president of J. G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG meanwhile enjoys his well-earned retirement and finds himself in the best of health.

“Scarcely anybody has shaped sports shooting in all its aspects in the past 60 years and has dedicated his life to this sports, like my father Dieter did”, says Jochen Anschütz, who is now president in the fifth generation of the Ulm-located premium manufacture and who took over the sole presidency from his father Dieter in 2008 already.

As a youngster, Dieter Anschütz still experienced the time of Anschütz in Zella-Mehlis near Suhl. After the war followed the relocation in Ulm. Succeeding his studies and education in Germany he wanted to travel the big wide world. In the 1950s he worked for well-known gun manufacturers in the US. After his return most importantly he always cared for the direct contact to the shooting sports and to the athletes. He visited a great number of competitions and championships with his Anschütz service van. This was the beginning of the meanwhile legendary Anschütz sports service.

Numerous successes achieved with Anschütz were accompanied by Dieter Anschütz. As e.g. the first World Champion with an air rifle at all, accomplished by Gerd Kümmet in 1966 with the Anschütz air rifle mod. 220. But also many triumphs of loyal companions and friends like Bernd Klingner or Gary Anderson.

Dieter Anschütz welcomes his friend, boxing legend and sports shooter Max Schmeling.

After taking over the presidency in 1969 from his father Max and his uncle Rudolf, Dieter Anschütz became a pioneer in Biathlon. To this day, his commitment contributes largely to the popularity of this sports. Thanks to his influence, this sports developed from a large caliber military sport to a small caliber, highly popular top sports discipline. Meanwhile 97 % of all biathletes use the legendary Anschütz rifles.

“Still today my father is connected closely to sports shooting and the shooters. This has helped us to realize many innovations quickly and suitably for sports shooting,” says Uwe Anschütz, president of ahg-Anschütz, on the occasion of the celebration.

Apart from his commitment to sports shooting, Dieter Anschütz distinguishes himself by wisdom and expertise, moreover he also knows how to call a spade a spade.

Dieter Anschütz himself has settled down a little and enjoys retirement with his wife Elfi. Nevertheless, he keeps participating in great events like e.g. IWA in Nuremburg or the Deutscher Schützentag (German Shooter’s Day) in order to meet with good friends and companions. At times he even goes hunting.

But above all, any conversation with him is most enjoyable due to his uncomplicated and communicative way, his life stories full of anecdotes and especially his passion for the shooting sports.

The Anschütz Family and all employees and co-workers of J.G.Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG as well as ahg-Anschütz Handels GmbH congratulate cordially to this 85th birthday.


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