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Does ANSCHÜTZ give information on the production year of firearms?

We need a lot of time to determine the age of a firearm with the help of the serial number. This is the reason why we only give this information to authorities or for a fee. However, every firearm owner can determine the approximate age of his gun with the help of the proof house stamp on the barrel of our firearms. The production years mentioned below are only approximate values and only mirror the common procedure representative for the referring period. Exeptions are possible. It might therefore be that even after the year 1968 there is only the production year imprinted on the barrel but no code.

Various proof test stamps
(approximate year)

Up to approx. 1958 only the proof test stamp and the kind of ammunition was imprinted on the barrel.

From approx. 1958 to approx. 1968 apart from the proof test stamp also the last two digits of the referring year were imprinted on the barrel.

Since approx. 1968 the year of manufacture is coded. The code for determining the age is as follows:
0=A; 1=B; 2=C; 3=D, 4=E; 5=F; 6=G; 7=H; 8=I/J; 9=K
The year of proof testing is described by the last two digits of a year, i. e. that a firearm with the letters AF was officially proof tested in the year 2005 (05).

Since 2014 the "Federal Eagle" as proof test stamp is replaced by the letters "CIP".

If you nevertheless need our help to determine the age of your ANSCHÜTZ rifle or pistol we will render this information for a fee. Please fill in the form below for this purpose.

Age of LaserPower rifles

Since the end of 2006 the installation date (date of assembly of the LaserPower rifle) is marked on the stock mentioning the month and the year.
Proof Test Stamp until 1958 353 kb Download
Proof Test Stamp 1958 - 1968 329 kb Download
Proof Test Stamp 1968 - 2013 323 kb Download
Proof Test Stamp since 2014 267 kb Download
Age research
Blue Book of Gun Value

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