Write-ups In our press commentaries we provide you with articles on ANSCHÜTZ products in diverse magazines.
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BR-50 "HotRod" (Accurate Shooter 10/12) .pdf 727 kb Download
ANSCHUTZ Intermediate (Junior Shooters 06/09) .pdf 1264 kb Download
9003 Premium S2 Precise (ISSF News 02/09) .pdf 264 kb Download
Aluminium Stock Precise 1918 and 2018 (ISSF News 01/08) .pdf 228 kb Download
Masterful Performance (Shooting Sports 06/06) .pdf 864 kb Download
New ANSCHÜTZ Products (ISSF News 05/06) .pdf 230 kb Download
ANSCHÜTZ 9003 Air Rifle (Shooting Sports 06/05) .pdf 492 kb Download
DAN`S THE MAN (The Independent Field Taget Newsletter 08/04) .pdf 183 kb Download

The total fascination of shooting (IWA News 01/13) .pdf 891 kb Download
Anschütz: building rifles for champions (GTW 06/11) .pdf 11000 kb Download
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