1827 F Walnut COMFORT (014819)
1827 F Walnut COMFORT
  • New developed ANSCHÜTZ COMFORT Line - even more ergonomic and lighter than the standard models.
  • Aerodynamic and stable.
  • Approx. 100 g lighter than our classic biathlon stock.

  • Unique butt plate and cheek piece adjustment.

  • Rail for harness and target sling.

  • Magazine holder for four 5-shot magazines.

  • Even faster exchange of the magazines.

  • Extra cartridge spender for 6 cartridges.

The special shape of the riser block COMFORT provides the biathlete with a consistently outstanding and extremely comfortable hold in position. A clam-
ping piece in addition enables an individual length adjustment of the harness.

Technical Data:

Stock finish:laquered
Aluminuim grooved rail on the side:yes
Aluminuim grooved rail on the lower side:yes
Clamping piece at the cheek:yes
Butt plate:Biathlon butt plate
Length of pull (mm):320 - 375
Length of stock (mm):670
Item No.:014819

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