Gun Safety and Security
MePaBlu Target Comfort (3111)
MePaBlu Target Comfort
The TARGET models are from cost-performance point of view the ideal choice for hunters and sports shooters/rifle shooters. Suitable – useful and simply good.
The extra slim design of the cap
– adjusts extremely well to the head shape
– is robust but still very handy.
Based on the redesigned electronic users are convinced by the impressive HiFi-sound
quality and separate operation of each ear cup. Furthermore the well proven SoftGel
ear pads assure a high wearing comfort.
The TARGET Comfort (T-134) model has the following features:
• MePaBlu SOFT-GEL ear cushions and genuine-leather head-band
• Kidney-shaped batterycover in moss-green
with „rubber-paint“ colour
• Automatic cut-off after approx. 4 hours
(saves power)
• One extra set of battery-covers
in „signal-orange“
• 10-fold amplification
• High comfort
• Incl. batteries

Item No.:: 3111