Gun Safety and Security
MePaBlu SILENCER Jagd (3112)
The SILENCER JAGD model-family is a hearing amplifier and protector designed for hunters
who demand high performance. Also many sports shooters decided to have this high-quality product.
The outstanding sound quality and maximum wearing comfort due to the well proven SoftGel ear cushions
make this device an ideal companion for hunting and sports shooting.
Only one hand is needed for operation, the other hand is left free for the gun.
To enable a hunter to hear the crossing activity of wildlife outside from an enclosed deer stand,
the SILENCER JAGD is equipped with a high-quality external microphone.
The amplifier sensitivity also allows the user to hear the impact of the bullet
The SILENCER JAGD model has the following features:
• Up to 15 times amplification
• The user can hear the impact of the bullet
• Pure natural sound quality
• Needs only one hand for operation
• Olive-green cushioned head-band and ear-piece housings
• Black SoftGel ear-cushions
• Socket for attaching the external microphone
• Can be folded to a compact size
• Power source: two AAA batteries
• Incl. external microphone

Item No.:: 3112