Test Shooting Range
Test Shooting Range ANSCHÜTZ has its own customer test shooting range on which biathletes as well as target shooters and hunters can have their rifles tested as well as ammunition under optimum conditions.
Here you can download the Flyer "ANSCHÜTZ Test shooting range".

• It is possible to shoot, test, and make readjustments in the ANSCHÜTZ indoor-test shooting range without being influenced by the weather.
• The rifles can be tested either at room temperature or in a special cold chamber on two lanes that are 50 meter long.
• It is also possible to reserve test batches from all German ammunition manufacturers.
• An ANSCHÜTZ service technician for ANSCHÜTZ hunting, biathlon, and target rifles will be present with help and advice.

The temperature of the ANSCHÜTZ cold chamber can be lowered to - 30° C. As a result, biathlon rifles for example, can be optimally prepared for training or competitions under 100 % realistic conditions. Also hunting rifles are calibrated in this way for highest precision during the winter months.

Top athletes from all over the world regularly visit the ANSCHÜTZ test shooting range, because only professional service and care will lead to perfect shooting results.


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