Barrel Extension
Sound Moderator Mod. Overbarrel - 8mm Caliber for barrel thread M15x1 (014571)
Sound Moderator Mod. Overbarrel - 8mm Caliber for barrel thread M15x1
The new ANSCHÜTZ Overbarrel high-performance sound moderator impresses with outstanding damping performance and excellent reduction of recoil. The sound moderator and the one-piece inner life (Monocore) was developed by elaborate procedures and in close cooperation with hunters.

Due to the monocore in the form of a double helix, the damping of the muzzle blast takes place in two separate chambers within the sound moderator. To keep the length of your hunting weapon with the screwed-on sound moderator as short as possible, 2.3 inch of the total length of the sound moderator is fitted over the barrel. As a result, your weapon with a screwed sound moderator is extended by only 7.3 inch.

The components are milled our from high strength materials and produce a solid and robust overall design, and combine low weight and volume with maximum stability. The simple design of the sound moderator allows easy handling and maintenance. To clean the sound moderator, it can be opened quickly and easily with the enclosed assembly key and then reassembled.

The damping performance is up to 34 dB

Delivery volume of the Overbarrel sound moderator set:

1x Overbarrel sound moderator for caliber 8 mm
1x Assembly key

Technical Data:

External diameter (mm):50
Length (mm):245
Weight (g):420
Item No.:014571

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