9015 Target Sprint
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The model 9015 TARGET SPRINT has been specially developed to perform in the requirements of the highly dynamic sport Target Sprint. In order to adapt our proven air rifle barreled action 9015 perfectly to this sport, the loading lever was replaced by the bolt handle of our biathlon rifle to get maximum speed when reloading. Furthermore, the sight and muzzle are protected by a rain cap, too guarantee the successful shooting in damp weather. The stock is equipped with an ergonomic milling and a fore-end riser block, which ensures the perfect and consistent hold in position.

The ergonomic fore-end riser block with the millings integrated in stock allows a perfect and constant hold of the rifle, over and over again.

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to model 9015 Target Sprint.

Delivery volume
Transport  gun case MEGA, rear sight set 6827, front sight Centra M18, rain cap, long aluminum columns, two weight rings, accessory box with filling adapter, air release screw, special grease, tool-set, safety discs, o-rings, moveable weights, manual with original test target.

Item No.: 014924
Technical Data
Name:9015 Target Sprint
Item No.:014924
Total length (cm)105-110
Weight approx. (kg):3.85
Name:5065 4K
Type:Two stage trigger
min. Trigger weight (g):30
max. Trigger weight (g):170
Cant of the trigger shoe:11
Trigger weight, adjusted (g):100
Barreled Action
Barrel:ANSCHÜTZ Precision barrel
Caliber:4,5 mm
Rifling (cm):42
Muzzle diameter (mm):20
Barrel length (cm):64
Total length (cm)78
Weight approx. (kg):2.2
Name:Target Sprint
Material:Laminated wood
Butt plate:Biathlon butt plate
min. Length of pull (cm):30
max. Length of pull (cm):36
Total length (cm)64

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